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What good is a website if no one sees it? We help small businesses rank higher in Google, getting you more web traffic. We use the latest technology and strategy to effectively optimize websites for search engines. 

We aren't like other agencies. We show you the tools we use and demonstrate exactly what we do for SEO. Give us a shout and we will show you!

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What is SEO?

SEO can be a bit confusing for small business owners to understand. Let us help explain.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing marketing service to help your website show up on Google and other search engines for key search terms in your industry. For example, when you search "Kelowna plumber" on Google, you'll see a few things:

  1. The top few spots are 'paid' ads. These companies are paying thousands a month to appear at the top of Google. They pay 'per click'.

  2. Businesses on Maps. These companies show up due to conducting Search Engine Optimization, getting reviews from customers and more.

  3. Below the ads and map listings is the 'Organic' listings. These are the websites Google sees as the most relevant for the keyword like "Kelowna Plumber". These websites have lots of content related to the keyword and have optimized web pages. They show up here essentially for 'free' and do not pay per click.

How can my business show up higher on Google?

When you first build a website, Google does not know what your business is about. It learns this over time as you add content to your website and optimize it to make sure Google understands. You can add lots of content to your website related to your service area and have some success in increasing your organic search results - but it is a lot of work and there are right & wrong ways to go about this.

It also takes time and patience. Google adjusts its search results over long periods of time as it aggregates information. It can take months or longer to see any results - but when you do see results, you will obtain customer traffic to your website without paying per click! 

SEO Packages for Small Business

We have packages that suit any small business budget. Starting at $395 / month. Contact a Geek to find out the right package for your business. Here is some of our SEO tools:

Unique Content

Develop great content focused on strategic keywords.

Meta Data

Improve meta data so search engines can understand your content.


Generate more relevant links to your website and increase relevance.


Improve your reputation metrics on review platforms online.

Social Channels

Increase content on your social channels and profiles.

On-Site Improvements

Fix coding and structural errors so Google sees and trusts your website.


Increase the speed of your website - one of the key metrics for search engine results.


Detailed reporting to understand where you are at and how things improve over time.

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